In the symphony of life, every artist plays a unique melody, a tune that resonates with the depths of their soul and echoes through their creations. Today, we have the privilege of delving into the musical world of Masha Rukiss, an artist whose journey intertwines the strings of passion, resilience, and authenticity. Masha, a self-taught musician, has navigated the complex tapestry of life and music with a spirit that is as enchanting as her melodies.

From the tender age of five, Masha's heart beat in rhythm with the notes of music, a calling that she couldn't ignore despite life's diverging paths. Her story is not just about music; it's a narrative of self-discovery, battling doubts, and embracing the essence of her true self. In this exclusive interview, Masha opens up about her inspirations, the challenges that sculpted her artistic persona, and her aspirations that extend beyond the conventional boundaries of music.

As we explore her journey, Masha shares insights into her creative process, revealing how personal experiences, spirituality, and even the simple moments of life have shaped her music. Her candid reflections on the evolution of her style and approach offer a rare glimpse into the transformation of an artist who has dared to be bold and original.

Join us as we embark on this intimate exploration with Masha Rukiss, where every answer is a brushstroke painting the portrait of an artist whose music is as diverse and profound as her own life story.

Mismir: Artists often find their creative spark in different ways: some are born with it, while others experience a pivotal moment that transforms a mere interest into a burning passion. How did your journey with music begin? Was it an innate part of you since birth, or was there a defining moment that made you realize music was your true calling?

Masha Rukiss ( MR ): I have loved music since childhood. However, for various reasons, I never received formal musical education. But all my life, from about the age of 5, I clearly knew that I wanted to write music, sing, and tell stories through my songs. No matter how much I considered in the crisis moments of life to stop and devote myself to something else, I always returned to music. The turning point was when I stopped fighting against myself, accepted this part of me, and allowed myself to be just a musician. This realization happened just half a year ago!

M: Every song has a story, inspired by people, places, experiences, or even personal reflections. In your creative process, what has been the most significant source of inspiration? Can you share who or what has been your muse and why it holds such a profound influence on your music?

MR: My personal experiences, the search for myself, internal conflicts, and my feelings and emotions are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. All my rock songs that will be released soon, as well as my piano tracks, are expressions of my personal feelings and thoughts. Spirituality, psychology, the atmosphere in a room when it rains, or a single chord on the guitar – these are the things from which my stories are born. I can say that inspiration is both me and everything around me.

M: Every journey, especially in the creative realm, is punctuated with challenges, often more so than successes. While successes are undoubtedly rewarding, I believe it's the challenges that truly catalyze growth and sometimes even inspire a fresh perspective. With this in mind, have you faced a specific challenge that significantly altered your approach to your craft? If so, would you be comfortable sharing that experience?

MR: The main challenge I faced was the lack of support from friends and family. For a long time, I doubted my abilities, leading to strong internal conflicts and emotional swings. Overcoming this required a lot of effort, time, and self-improvement. However, this journey has made me stronger!

M: One thing that I love to do with each artist that I get the privilege to talk to is to embark on a journey of self-reflection. If you were to go back to the first day you started singing and then return to the present moment while examining your evolution, how would you say your style or approach has changed from when you first began to now?

MR: I would say my style has evolved significantly. When I first started singing, my voice wasn't great. Throughout this journey, I learned to accept myself and allowed my voice to sound as it naturally does, even if it doesn't meet some generally accepted standards. The better I understood myself, the better I sounded. I guess my style has become bolder and more original as I've grown bolder and allowed myself to embrace originality!

M: For me, art, in all its forms, is a reflection of ourselves. Whether it's music, fashion, poetry, or art itself, there's always something about the creator that can be found in each creation. Considering this, how would you say “Masha” is reflected in your music?

MR: My music is a complete reflection of me. It emanates from the core of my entire being, from the essence of Masha Rukiss. I strive to ensure that everything in my life – my space, my appearance – reflects the true me. This is how I feel whole. My music is simply an extension of myself. And my songs are varied, which also mirrors the different facets of Masha Rukiss.

M: I still remember with much joy when I first discovered “Impulse” on Sound. At that time, it was something I needed, even if I wasn't aware that I needed it. It was so calm and peaceful. It really embarked me on an emotional journey. I know you created it a long time ago, but do you still remember what inspired you to create this enchanting piece?

MR: It was an impulse. I remember sitting in my apartment in St. Petersburg during autumn. I was going through a period of depression, and the only thing that brought me joy was creativity. I was constantly writing, but I kept it to myself, never releasing or showing it to anyone. The process of writing is like a flight to other galaxies for me. When I return to Earth, I'm often amazed at what I've created!

M: For me, Web 3 feels like the helping hand that artists need. For too long, they lived in the cage of this industry, their lives and journeys being dictated by labels or a plethora of external factors. How do you feel the Web 3 space can impact your journey, and how do you think it can empower artists in general?

MR: I've only recently joined the web3 community and am still learning about this world. Here, I find it easier to share my creativity and be myself. It feels like a safe space for creative expression. There's a lot of support rather than condemnation. I think it's a breath of fresh air and a fantastic opportunity for emerging creators like me.

M: For me, artists, regardless of their fame, have always stood at the forefront of cultural movements. They possess a natural talent for simplifying the complex and endearing the overlooked. Yet, they often don't receive the recognition they deserve, which I hope will change. What role do you think artists play in shaping our collective consciousness and everyday lives?

MR: That's a challenging question! I believe that through our creativity, we impact every individual. We share our vision and inner world, and everyone absorbs something from it, interpreting it in their own way. This, in turn, gradually changes the world and our everyday lives, hopefully for the better. Although this impact might not be immediately noticeable, it's significant.

M: Despite the image artists may wish to maintain, there often comes a time when fans define what or who an artist is to them. However, I believe the connection between an artist and their fans can be greatly enhanced if fans understand how the artist perceives themselves. With this in mind, and because I'd love more people to know you, who would you say Masha Rukiss truly is? If we were to peel back the surface layers, what lies at the foundation of Masha? What defines her?

MR: First and foremost, I am a woman, a dreamer, and a comedian at heart! I have a very sensual nature and am an optimist with a positive outlook on life. Even in the worst situations, I find something positive. I dislike falsehood and can often sense it in others. That's why I don't want to create any false image. I strive to show my true self as much as possible.

M: Embarking on a creative journey usually has a purpose and a destination. What is the purpose behind your music, and what destination do you wish to reach on this journey?

MR: My aspiration is for my music to reach as many people as possible. I aim to evoke real emotions with my songs. My rock songs are infused with irony and madness, but they also carry deep spirituality and meaning. I hope that those who listen to these songs will feel, understand, start questioning, and begin changing their lives, or at least find joy in them. And, of course, I dream of having my songs featured in Guy Ritchie's films, haha!

M: What’s the most unusual item in your studio or workplace?

MR: The most unusual item in my studio is a watercolor portrait of my cat, Jerry.

As we draw our conversation with Masha Rukiss to a close, it's clear that her journey is a vivid tapestry of resilience, creativity, and self-discovery. Her story, like many others we've encountered in Storied Strokes, adds rich hues and textures to our ever-expanding collection of narratives.

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Masha's voice, music, and story are integral threads in the grand design of our collective narrative. Artists like her are the visionaries and raconteurs of our era, whose tales entertain, connect, and inspire us. Our journey with the “Storied Storkes” is an ongoing odyssey, a celebration of the myriad ways creativity manifests and touches lives.

As we continue to navigate this rich landscape of stories, we invite you to join us in this celebration of artistry and imagination. Each story we share is a step deeper into the realm of creativity and inspiration, a journey we are honored to share with you, one story at a time.

For those who wish to delve deeper into the world of Masha Rukiss, to experience the depth of her music and the authenticity of her voice, we encourage you to explore her social media and music profiles ( Twitter - Sound ). Follow her journey, immerse yourself in her music, and become a part of her ever-growing narrative.

The journey continues, and we are thrilled to have you with us, every step of the way.

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