Dremis' Gifts🌹

Dremis' Gifts🌹

In the following lines, you'll discover just a glimpse of the wonders we have in store for you. As we diligently prepare even more, we're committed to ensuring that everything we promise will indeed come to fruition. Rest assured, there's much more on the horizon. We are devoted to a thoughtful and patient approach, taking one step at a time to craft a brighter, collective future. These are the treasures that await you in the realm of Mismir:

Story Stitchers

Story Stitchers is Mismir’s element through which we desire to weave dreams into reality and empower individuals to make a collective impact.

At Mismir, we're thrilled to introduce this unique benefit that's all about turning your stories and dreams into wearable art. Through Story Stitchers, we're taking your stories, your dreams, transforming them into captivating graphics, and stitching them onto garments that will soon venture out into the world.

But here's the twist – it's not just Mismir that benefits from these creations. We're committed to ensuring that you, the storytellers, also share in the success. That's why we're introducing a royalty percentage, collectively decided upon, ensuring you earn with each sale in perpetuity.

This initiative, made possible by technology, marks just the beginning of our journey together. While we'd love to collaborate with everyone, for now, we're focusing on those who embark on this journey alongside us – the holders of Dremis.

But fear not, our vision extends far beyond these initial steps. Together, with our community, we'll explore ways to enrich our collective journey with even more Story Stitchers.

Story Stitchers is about weaving stories, dreams, and change together! It is about you!

Garden Gate

At the heart of our brand lie three core elements: expression, connection, and empowerment. We are driven by a deep yearning for our voices to resonate louder, to be heard, and to be valued in a world where they are often silenced. Our mission is to change this narrative, to ensure that every story is told, every message is expressed, and every voice is honored. This is the essence of expression.

We firmly believe that true progress can only be achieved through unity. By embracing each other, we can foster a better society and create a world where genuine connection thrives. Today, such connections are rare, yet essential for positive change. Moreover, we recognize the importance of connecting with oneself; understanding our own identity is the first step towards living a fulfilling life. This is the essence of connection.

When expression and connection intertwine, empowerment naturally follows. By sharing our stories and embracing authentic connections, we feel listened to, celebrated, and empowered. This empowerment is the culmination of genuine expression and connection.

However, our aspirations extend beyond ourselves; we aim to extend these experiences to you. Introducing Garden Gate, another cornerstone of Mismir, a platform dedicated to co-creation. Here, every Dremis holder has the opportunity to participate in shaping our garments, narratives, and more. We seek to infuse our creations with your voice, ensuring that each piece reflects our collective identity. While our words may guide this journey initially, what follows will be a collective narrative—a testament to the power of co-creation.

The time for solitary creation has passed; welcome to the era of co-creation!

Storyloom Products

Storyloom Products – where threads of fabric intertwine with the narratives of our lives, weaving a tapestry of meaning and expression.

In the lexicon of creation, a "loom" is the instrument through which threads are entwined to form fabric, while a "story" breathes life into the fabric of existence, narrating our joys, struggles, and triumphs.

"Storyloom" is the alchemy of these two elements – a conduit through which the threads of our stories are interwoven into the very fabric of fashion. It is a journey of discovery, where each garment becomes a canvas for the narratives that shape our identities and experiences.

As we embark on this odyssey of creation, the definition of "Storyloom Products" continues to evolve, reflecting the dynamic interplay between fashion and storytelling. Rooted in the essence of both worlds, these products transcend mere garments, becoming vessels for the ever-evolving stories of humanity.

It's time for us to redefine the boundaries of fashion and weave a new tapestry of possibility and imagination.

Priority Pass

With each new collection we release, a fresh chapter of our narrative unfolds. While many pieces are crafted collaboratively, we also want you to be among the select few who have access to the items we've painstakingly created. Hence, the priority pass emerges as your gateway to early access to upcoming collections.

Each collection will have limited availability, with some reserved exclusively for pass holders, others in very limited quantities, and the remainder offered to the general public. This deliberate curation ensures we tread lightly on the path of production, enriching our saga with fresh tales and faces, all while honoring and treasuring every holder of Dremis.

Elite Line Pass

 The Elite Line Pass is a token of our appreciation and a gateway to exclusive realms within our brand. Amids the meticulously crafted stories, garments, and experiences we aim to offer people with you, you will find treasures reserved solely for the select few: you, the esteemed holders of Dremis.

Whether it's a bespoke collaboration, a singular garment infused with meaning, or a digital/physical experience tailored to ignite your senses, the Elite Line Pass ensures that you alone have access to these unparalleled offerings, each brimming with depth and distinction.

But wait, there's more—within this exclusive realm, there are layers even more elusive, reserved for the truly discerning.

Consider this a mere glimpse into what lies ahead. As time unfolds, more secrets will be revealed, more stories will be shared…

These are some of the gifts that dwell within Dremis. As highlighted in our introduction, our vision extends far beyond what's currently in place; we are actively breathing life into new elements for our community—for you, the esteemed bearer of Dremis. With time, more secrets will be unveiled, born from both our own initiatives and collaborative creations with you.

The gifts of Dremis are as finite as Dremis itself... Their numbers dwindle... The Prologue beckons.

To be continued...


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