Lana Ogneva

Lana Ogneva

Lana Ogneva stands out as a beacon of innovation in the dynamic world of fashion. Her journey, deeply rooted in a longstanding admiration for visual storytelling—be it through the intricate costumes of films or the evocative imagery of music videos—has led her to the forefront of digital fashion. It's a realm where the tangible meets the intangible, and Lana navigates it with an effortless grace.

Her creations, characterized by their distinctive color choices and abstract forms, are more than mere garments. They are a reflection of Lana's introspective nature and her boundless imagination. Each piece is a testament to her belief in fashion as an art form, a medium of self-expression that transcends the physical constraints of the material world.

Yet, what truly sets Lana apart is her approach to her craft. Guided by what she terms "quiet ambition," she moves forward with purpose, drawing inspiration from both the world around her and the vast landscapes of her inner world. As we delve deeper into her journey, we discover a visionary who continually pushes boundaries while staying true to her essence.

Join us as we explore the mind and creations of Lana Ogneva, a pioneer shaping the future of fashion.

Mismir ( M ): I firmly believe that while we all have various interests, there's often a distinct moment when one of these interests intensifies into a true passion. For you, when was that defining moment when you realized that digital fashion was the path you wanted to pursue?

Lana ( L ): Creativity has always been a driving force for me, with fashion and style holding significant importance in my life. I've always admired the costumes in movies and enjoyed analyzing the imagery in music videos, pondering how they relate to the songs. Personal style has also been a playground for me, where I love experimenting with different combinations.

My foray into digital fashion began when I came across a digital dress from The Fabricant. The concept was captivating - a dress that doesn't exist in the physical realm but can still be 'worn'. Initially, I felt it might be too advanced for me, given my unfamiliarity with the technology, and I considered pursuing other avenues in fashion. However, when the opportunity to take a course on CLO3D presented itself, I seized it. As I delved into the learning process, I realized I had never been so engaged and intrigued. Since then, I've been wholly committed to this field. It offers me a canvas where I can blend various elements I love and craft something truly unique

M: Every artist draws inspiration from different sources, be it people, places, experiences, thoughts, or even introspective moments. In your journey, who or what stands out as your most influential muse, and can you share why?

L: My inspiration is vast and varied; in essence, I draw from reality. I find beauty in the mundane - a unique pattern on a sidewalk tile or the shape of an unusual tree can capture my attention. Elements of architecture, especially massive concrete structures and industrial details like power poles, fascinate me. Nature, in all its splendor, also serves as a muse. Additionally, music has been a profound source of inspiration for me. I'm acquainted with the works of many remarkable musicians from various eras. Every sight and sound I've encountered contributes to my evolving understanding of art.

M: The path of creativity is often marked by both successes and challenges. While triumphs are celebrated, it's the challenges that often mold our perspective and approach. In your journey, have you encountered a specific challenge that not only tested you but also reshaped your perspective on your craft? How did it influence your following creations?

L: I went through a long and challenging period in my creative journey where I struggled to find direction. I began doubting if I'd ever discover my unique path. However, it turned out that I was merely waiting for the right tool, which I found in digital fashion. Before showcasing my work, I created numerous pieces, some of which remain unpublished to this day. In addition to the CLO3D course, I had to familiarize myself with various 3D graphic tools and techniques, and I continue to learn. The time and patience required to consistently elevate the quality of my work presented another challenge.

Over time, I noticed everything falling into place as I had hoped. The break in my creative journey allowed me to gather fresh ideas and master new tools. I'm thankful for the challenges I faced and overcame.

M: Engaging with artists, I cherish taking a retrospective journey into their evolution. Tracing back to your initial days of drawing or designing, and progressing to today, how would you define the transformation of your style and approach? Can you share insights into the challenges or moments that marked significant shifts or growth?

L: My journey into design began years ago when I was honing my skills in Photoshop, producing 2D works akin to collages. I rarely showcased them, as I was more engrossed in the process itself, exploring what self-expression meant to me. For a significant period, I worked in 2D, aspiring to be a graphic designer or illustrator. Although that didn't pan out, I acquired essential skills in composition, color theory, and element combination. I also dabbled in drawing, but my attempts often resulted in abstract creations. Currently, I primarily use my drawings for textures and fabrics, and I'm thrilled with the outcomes.

Moreover, I've always been drawn to the idea of merging various art forms. Multi-faceted creators who can express themselves through diverse mediums have always intrigued me, and I aim to emulate that versatility. Presently, I'm crafting my personal creative universe, and I intend to expand it beyond just clothing design.

M: Perceive art as a mirror, capturing and reflecting our core values, beliefs, and identity. With digital fashion transcending traditional boundaries and becoming truly art, how do you believe your individual essence, the essence of 'Lana', is reflected in your digital creations?

L: First and foremost, my choice of color is indicative of my style. Lately, I've gravitated towards shades of gray, white, black, and specific hues of blue. Occasionally, you might find splashes of turquoise and purple in my work. However, very bright, impulsive colors or intricate combinations are rare in my designs.

Another hallmark of my style is the abstract, occasionally unconventional form of clothing. Sharp elements seldom feature in my designs; I have a preference for wavy lines. There's a certain drama in my creations, but it's juxtaposed with a sense of detachment, even solitude. Many of my pieces capture a moment suspended in time. It's not about impulsive or chaotic movement, but more about my personal quest for order and inner tranquility. It's a unique harmony, as I perceive it.

M: Your project, “The Matrix,” which was showcased at the Berlin Fashion Week, is undeniably commendable. Beyond the intrinsic artistry, what truly amazes me is your ability to conceptualize and execute it within a tight span of just four days. Could you delve deeper into this intense creative process? How did you manage to balance the mounting pressure, and what served as your driving force during those crucial days?

L: The opportunity with Stylexchange was indeed a significant challenge for me. I had just begun showcasing my work on Twitter (X) when I received an invitation from them to participate in Berlin Fashion Week as part of a collaboration. To be honest, I wasn't mentally prepared for such a monumental step, especially since I was still apprehensive about simply pressing the "Post" button to share my initial creations.

Despite my reservations, I agreed to participate, though the fear of failure loomed large. My husband's unwavering belief in me was a tremendous source of support, helping me navigate my anxieties. Collaborating with the Stylexchange team was also a positive experience, and I knew I could rely on them. Ultimately, everything came together, marking a pivotal moment for me in overcoming my hesitations and breaking free from my self-imposed constraints.

M: One aspect of your work that truly stands out is how you push the boundaries of what fashion can be. In my opinion, with digital fashion, we should envision garments in a new light, creating attire that can't be replicated physically. It raises the question, “What would fashion be if it wasn’t tailored to our bodies?”. Your work seems to be the answer to this, transcending the human body and showcasing digital fashion as true art. Can you share more about your vision in this realm? What influenced you to view fashion from this unique perspective, and where do you see the future of digital fashion heading?

L: While many designs in my portfolio can be brought to life and worn, not all of them are feasible for real-world realization. Lately, I've been delving into the concept of clothing as an art form that accentuates our personalities. While these designs do cover the body and some may appear conventional, I aim to craft images that aren't immediately obvious. It's akin to venturing beyond the boundaries of imagination, yet tethered to our perception of what a garment should be.

This perspective on clothing emerged when I grasped that digital attire isn't bound by physical laws. I've consistently incorporated experimental approaches in my work, often starting with the question, "What if?". This mindset keeps things intriguing and prompts me to view matters from varied angles.

Regarding the future of digital fashion, I envision it as a boundless canvas for creativity. I anticipate digital installations and sculptures viewable only through AR glasses. Considerable emphasis will be placed not just on the digital attire but also on the ambiance it's set in. Through our cameras, we'll witness a microcosm, a form of performance art crafted by artists and designers. Such tools will likely redefine the concept of advertising campaigns for brands. And undoubtedly, we'll see a surge in AR mirrors for virtual try-ons.

M: While many people form their own interpretations of what an artist represents based on their work and public persona, I believe that a deeper, more genuine connection is established when they truly understand the artist's core. With this in mind, and my desire for more people to resonate with you, how would you describe Lana Ogneva at her core? What defines her?

L: Viewing myself from an external perspective, I'd describe Lana Ogneva as an incredibly perceptive and observant individual. She's a researcher and experimenter at heart, spending a significant portion of her time navigating her inner realm, and studying her observations. Speaking more personally, I'm someone who tends to introspect deeply. To an outsider, I might come across as reserved or distant. I cherish a tranquil and measured pace of life, drawing immense inspiration from moments of solitude.

M: As mentioned earlier, I see art, regardless of its form, as a reflection of ourselves. Among the myriad of creations you've brought to life over time, is there one in which you feel you've most deeply embedded your essence? Which creation resonates most closely with you, and why?

L: Creating the INTERTEMPORAL piece for Vagobond Magazine was an exhilarating experience for me. I found myself completely engrossed in the process, momentarily detaching from reality. This project allowed me to amalgamate everything I cherish—fashion, music, and design. The depth of emotions and feelings I navigated while crafting this art was profound. I genuinely believe I encapsulated something extraordinary and aspire to continue creating from such a profound state of inspiration.

M: Every artist embarks on their creative journey with aspirations and dreams. In your opinion, when we set out on this path, there's always a dream we wish to manifest into reality. What is that dream for you? Specifically, where do you see yourself, and how do you envision the evolution of your creations in the next 15 years?

L: I often describe my drive as a 'quiet ambition.' By this, I mean that while I brim with ideas and aspirations, I don't succumb to frustration if I can't immediately bring them to fruition. Over the years, I've come to understand the significance of staying true to my unique style, which leans more towards a deliberate, contemplative pace rather than a hurried race. Even though I operate in a cutting-edge profession, I don't necessarily chase after every trend or technological advancement; that's not my objective.

Predicting my exact trajectory is challenging. However, I have a clear vision of what I desire: a journey filled with varied creativity, exploration, and learning. I'm keen on delving deeper into animation and 3D modeling of diverse objects. Perhaps even orchestrating my own 3D fashion shows or crafting video fashion art. I feel unbounded by the possibilities this era presents, and my path will be determined by how I choose to express myself at different life junctures.

M: Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show or movie?

L: I wouldn't necessarily label it a “guilty pleasure”, but when I'm feeling down, I often find solace in rewatching movies I've seen multiple times. A prime example would be “The Devil Wears Prada.”

As we conclude our exploration of Lana Ogneva's world, it's evident that her journey in digital fashion is a testament to the limitless possibilities of creativity. Her pieces, each a harmonious blend of introspection and innovation, beckon us to view fashion not just as garments but as profound expressions of the soul. Lana's "quiet ambition" serves as a reminder that true artistry is a slow, thoughtful walk, where the destination is as significant as the journey itself.

Her social media platforms ( Twitter Instagram ) and website offer a deeper dive for those eager to immerse themselves further in Lana's digital universe. From her latest creations to behind-the-scenes glimpses, there's a treasure trove of inspiration awaiting every visitor. We encourage you to explore, engage, and be enchanted by the visionary world of Lana Ogneva.

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