Carla Monni

Carla Monni

Three Dimensions and Time

Carla Monni, the Transhumanist Renaissance artist, is a name synonymous with artistic innovation and transcendence. She invites her audience into a world where art and technology coalesce in most of her works.

As the digital realm continues to expand, Carla is steadily marking her presence in this ever-evolving domain. Her creations, a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary mediums, delve into themes such as time, dimensionality, and human transcendence, providing viewers with a multifaceted visual artistry experience. They are an embodiment of beauty.

While her website provides a glimpse into her artistic journey, it also serves as a gateway to delve deeper into her background, style, themes and notable achievements in the art world. We did, however, want to bring Carla closer to you. We aimed to reveal the person behind the movement and the art, allowing you to truly understand the stories that lay the groundwork for the Transhumanist Renaissance and other works, as well as Carla herself. We want you to see and feel the wise, kind, and beautiful human that we had the opportunity to meet.

The inspirations, aspirations, and philosophical underpinnings shaping her artistic narrative are partially revealed in the interview you are about to read. The rest will have to be discovered by you, either by following the artist's journey or by analyzing some of her creations closely. Without further ado, please welcome, Carla!

Mismir: Every artist has a 'moment' where art transforms from being just an interest to a passion. Can you share that pivotal moment in your journey?

Carla: In my case, I have been co-living with the arts all my life. It was obvious from a very young age that I was meant to work in the creative field. At this point, it is more of a personality trait.

M: Artists often have muses, whether they're people, places, or experiences. Who or what has been your most influential muse and why?

C: In my case, the actual muses were my muses. I've been obsessed with Greek and Latin mythology since a very young age. My late maternal grandfather used to share all these stories with me—he was the only one who actually told me stories as a kid. He didn’t read to me about Disney princesses but about the Iliad and the Odyssey. Growing up, Renaissance and Neoclassical figures such as Leonardo da Vinci and Canova were my main sources of motivation. I always found myself very comfortable with the Anthropocentric vision of the world. So, it was natural for me, as a grown-up, to embrace the Transhumanist set of beliefs.

M: In the world of art, challenges are as much a part of the journey as the successes. Can you share a particular challenge that reshaped your perspective or approach to your craft?

C: Challenging my own ego was significant. That can make an artist very blind and too focused on their own emotions. The so-called God complex is very common among artists. When we are “misunderstood,” we whine, but most of the time, that is equivalent to a failure in communication with the audience. I learned over time that art can truly be art only if it touches people’s hearts, not just the artist's.

M: Art, much like the artist, evolves over time. How would you say your style or approach has changed from when you first began to now?

C: Of course! I might add, it’s a constant evolution—it grows with me. Connecting to my previous answer about the ego, my art was initially very focused on pleasing myself. Now, I really value communication and eagerly anticipate feedback from the viewers.

M: They say life imitates art and vice versa. How do you feel your personal experiences and worldview reflect in your creations?

C: I totally agree. I believe that art, much like fashion, needs to be a parasite of the society we live in. My art reflects not only my personal experiences but also my time. This is especially evident, primarily through the technologies applied. The colors and shapes are truly the result of a specific time— the past bears witness to this. Also, there’s a sort of common consciousness that works alongside individual consciousness.

The Illuminate Anarchist and the Natural Laws - Oil On Canvas

M: Among the many artists I've recently discovered and connected with, your 'Transhumanist Renaissance' movement stood out. It's both captivating and creatively unique. How did you conceptualize it? What's its origin story?

C: I might have partially answered previously. But My Transhumanist set of values is the natural consequence of my adoration of an Anthropocentric vision of the world, starting with the Ancient Greeks, continuing with the Romans, and with the Renaissance. I also believe that this comes with the price for humans to be responsible towards the environment and other species. Technology in my opinion is the natural evolution of the human brain, not a tool but rather an extension of it. I believe that the human body (intended as biological material) will no longer impose limitations.

So the idea of the Transhumanist Renaissance is not only for aesthetic reasons (I like to keep the Hyperuranion canonic idea of beauty while I talk about concepts that are technology-related) but also for my way of approaching the future while looking at the past.

Shardana - Newspaper Feature

M: Your work on 'Shardana' particularly caught my eye. How was the experience of creating it? Given that you spent almost two years researching before finalizing it, how did this project shape your creative journey?

C: Shardana represents a fusion of anthropological and artistic research focused on the Nuragic culture of Sardinia, predating Roman influence As you may know, I am part of the Sardinian minority in Italy, a fact I take great pride in. My goal was to analyze not only the different women archetypes on the Island, also to attempt a partial reconstruction of the Nuragic pantheon, assuming that its religious model was akin to those of contemporary Mediterranean cultures. The pursuit of seldom-documented information required extensive research and numerous interviews. I decided to communicate these stories through artistic clothes, each piece symbolizing different characters, leveraging fashion as a powerful and universal medium of communication.

Shardana, un'eroina nelle cumbessias

My deep dive into mythology stems from a belief that myths and stories are the most effective means to comprehend the core values and prevailing conditions of a society. The exaggerated concepts prevalent in myths, notably visible in Greek mythology where gods' reactions are intensified, leave no room for doubt.

M: I've noticed your active presence on social platforms, especially on Lens. Visitors there now encounter a different version of Carla—The beautiful woman has turned into a magical mermaid. What inspired this transformation? Why a mermaid?

C: Mermaids, to me, represent a sense of alienation that we all share in the worlds of crypto and web3. Regardless of gender, we each harbor an inner mermaid, at times good, at times monstrous, yearning for freedom and escape.

In addition, to me, mermaids epitomize societal idealizations of women. They are widely discussed, yet remain unseen, embodying numerous feminine traits and energies. Ultimately, they offer me a medium to discuss societal aspects, allowing me to distance myself from the weightiness of human expression and observe society as an outsider.

M: As artists, and indeed as humans, we often have a deeper purpose or message we wish to convey through our work. What's yours?

C: Currently, my focus is on encouraging viewers to adopt a more ideological perspective, providing them with an escape from materialistic aspects of life and finding some time to nurture their brain in pure concepts, sometimes more childish and sometimes more profound.

M: I understand that aside from art, you have a passion for fashion, which is, in essence, another form of art. What drew you to it, and can we anticipate any fashion-related projects from you in the future?

C: I guess it’s mostly because I am obsessed with the technical aspects of the human body and it’s related to my anthropocentric views. In fashion, the body becomes the canvas to express those thoughts. As I said before, I love the universality of fashion. It serves as a powerful tool in understanding the contemporary world and its needs.

I do have some AI/fashion projects lined up for the future, but rest assured, you'll see them happen.

M: What’s your go-to comfort food?

C: LASAGNAAAAA …….and fries, of course! But only if they’re made by Jessy (Jessy is a personality from the digital world, renowned for her passion for, unsurprisingly, fries).

Justice and the Decentralized Systems

We hope that this intimate look into Carla Monni's mind and heart has given you a better understanding and appreciation for her work and the profound themes she explores. Her journey portrays the limitless possibilities that emerge when art and technology collide, and her creations serve as a beacon of innovation in the digital renaissance.

Carla's exploration of human transcendence and dimensionality invites us all to ponder our existence and the universe around us. We encourage you to delve deeper, explore the layers of her work, and discover your own meanings and connections within them.

We are grateful to Carla for allowing us to enter her world and for sharing her thoughts, inspirations, and aspirations with us. It's been a journey of discovery and enlightenment, and we are excited to see what new horizons she will explore in her future creations.

To stay updated on Carla’s latest works and projects, be sure to follow her on social profiles ( you can find her on Twitter - Lens - Instagram ). We look forward to witnessing the continued evolution of her artistic narrative and the impact it will have on the world of art and beyond.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, dear readers. We hope it has inspired you as much as it has inspired us, and we look forward to providing you with more insights into the minds of the artists who shape our world.

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The journey continues!

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