Alexa Serban

Alexa Serban

Alexa Serban's journey is a symphony of the natural and the artificial, a beautiful synthesis of the physical and the digital that paints a story of discovery and transformation. Alexa's creations are celestial whispers, reflections of humanity's delicate dance with nature, a voice that speaks the language of the curious and conscious. Her path began as a feel-it-all person, enchanted by the many hues of existence and the eternal dance of the universe, a passion that lay dormant until the shadows of a pandemic revealed the therapeutic enchantment of art.

Alexa's art is a dialogue between her passion for human behavior riddles and the occult and her deep connection with animals and nature. It's an exploration of self-discovery and personal rebirth that has resulted in the creation of her own wearable art studio. Here, she engaged herself in portraiture and digital art, exploring the limitless possibilities that emerge when human creativity meets artificial intelligence.

Her creations are a representation of her thoughts on nature's vastness, connected with human experiences. They bear witness to her pursuit of the unknown, her attempt to discover connections between the infinite universe and our human life. It's about making work that empowers people, promotes awareness about our environment, and advocates for sustainability and compassion in the fashion industry.

We delve deeper into Alexa's transforming experiences, her inspirations, her struggles, and her progress as an AI Fashion creator in this exclusive conversation. We talk about her thoughts on the convergence of art and technology, her vision for cruelty-free and ecological design, and her hopes for the future of digital arts.

Immerse yourself in Alexa's world, where nature meets technology, tradition meets innovation, and each piece is a cosmic whisper, a reflection of the artist, and an invitation to explore, understand, and connect.

Mismir ( M ): Every artist has a 'moment' where art transforms from being just an interest to a passion. Can you share that pivotal moment in your journey?

Alexa ( A ): Growing up, I've always been that feel-it-all kind of person, you know? Totally wrapped up in the whole meaning of life, nature, animals, and every color that paints our world. I'm that person who's over the moon about sunsets, sunrises, stars, the moon—basically, anything nature throws our way. As a child, this passion lay dormant, expressed sporadically in school but never explored as a true calling.

It wasn't until the pandemic cast its shadow that I unearthed the therapeutic magic of art. In the midst of uncertainty, I decided to pivot and realign my priorities. It felt like the perfect moment for a personal renaissance, a journey of self-discovery. This led to the inception of my own wearable art studio, where I delved into drawing on fabrics, accessories, wood, canvases, and more. I immersed myself in the world of portraits, and digital art, learning from books and YouTube tutorials, dedicating almost every day to practice.

So, the big moment? A burnout, mixed with the chaos of the pandemic. It's in that mess that I stumbled upon this incredible healing power of art. From just a school thing, it morphed into this passion project that keeps me going, especially when things get rough.

M: Artists often have muses, whether they're people, places, or experiences. Who or what has been your most influential muse and why?

A: I've always had this curiosity about the mysteries, human behavior, and the whole esoteric side of things. It's like this itch to explore the unknown, you know? And when it comes to inspiration, animals, and nature take the cake for me. If I had to pinpoint a muse, it's Mother Nature in all her glory, intertwined with our human experience. It's like finding a connection between the vastness of nature and us, just human beings doing our thing.

M: In the world of art, challenges are as much a part of the journey as the successes. Can you share a particular challenge that reshaped your perspective or approach to your craft?

A: So, there was this time when I kept thinking I wasn't good enough, battling the whole impostor syndrome gig. It felt like I was lost in this sea of super-talented folks, you know? But then, a lightbulb moment hit me: instead of putting myself down, why not treat my old self as competition and aim to be a bit better each day? That mindset shift made all the difference.

And, there were those moments when I doubted if anyone liked what I was doing or if I even had a style of my own. Still figuring that one out, to be honest. I've learned that it's okay to try new things, experiment, and find what really works for me. It's a journey of constant refining and discovering my unique style. I dig into research, get inspired by other artists, soak in their feedback, practice like crazy, and experiment until I hit that sweet spot that screams, "This is it!"

M: Art, much like the artist, evolves over time. How would you say your style or approach has changed from when you first began to now?

A: Diving into the art scene, I explored both traditional and digital realms, fueled by curiosity and a lack of know-how. The journey mirrored life, with its highs and lows, but perseverance became my ally.

As time flowed, my artistic style underwent a transformation. Compare my early doodles to my current creations, and you'll witness some sort of evolution😊. One year ago, AI joined the party, handling some serious creative heavy lifting.

Speaking of AI, it's a total game-changer. Picture an idea, and voila, AI refines it into reality. It's a revolution, causing ripples across various industries. Quite mind-blowing, isn't it?

So yes, since I started, my art has evolved significantly. I've gained a better understanding of colors, elements, composition, and, more recently, the use of AI tools in my creative process. AI has become a substantial part of my work, helping refine and transform my ideas into reality.

M: Your art, especially pieces not tied to specific themes like 'Mad Max’, is rich in intricate details. Are these details personal reflections of your experiences and worldview, or do they stem from the broader theme you're exploring?

A: When creating for a specific competition or someone else, I make it a priority to honor their brand or theme. Extensive research, keywords, and weaving unity into my artwork become crucial, aligning with the third party's branding, identity, or topic.

In contrast, with my personal art or when crafting an entire AI Fashion collection, I revel in the freedom to shape the ambiance, choose colors, and evoke specific feelings. It's a canvas where I decide everything, from models to garment styles, expressing my personal reflections and interpretations.

Even in these instances, I rely on references, dedicate time to research, and leverage ChatGPT to infuse fresh ideas into my central concept. The surprising value it adds to my creative process feels like a dynamic collaboration—a lively brainstorm between my creative spirit and the prowess of artificial intelligence, co-creating stunning visual designs and artworks.

M: You've participated in numerous AI fashion challenges, including the Tommy Hilfiger x DressX, which you won. How was that experience? What did this victory signify for your artistic journey, and what motivated you to participate?

A: Regarding the Tommy Hilfiger competition, let me share a story, and this is the first time I'm opening up about it. That particular day was tough for me; I was feeling down for various reasons, facing a low moment where my self-esteem took a hit. I felt like everything I was doing wasn't good enough, and a mix of personal and professional factors weighed heavily on me.

In the morning, as I explored LinkedIn in search of a stable job, recognizing that surviving solely on creating AI artwork wasn't sustainable, I stumbled upon DressX's post about the competition. Despite having no expectations of winning, an inner voice urged me to give it a shot. It was my first-ever AI competition, but there was a hurdle: my Midjourney trial and subscription had ended, and I had no funds on my card.

At that moment, my boyfriend, realizing my enthusiasm, lent me that amount to support my participation. Grateful for his trust, I subscribed again to Midjourney and began generating designs. First, I delved into brand identity, conducted research, studied other artists' work, and learned about designers Tommy collaborated with for direction. I created several designs and shared them on social media, driven purely by joy and passion, with no expectations.

To my surprise, Tommy found one of my designs aligned with his style and brand, choosing me as one of the winners. The news was hard to grasp, I felt overwhelmingly happy, cried throughout that morning, and was empowered by the recognition. This moment gave me strength and added motivation to pursue my dreams.

Since then, I've mustered the courage to participate in more competitions, create more, and integrate AI into my work. The overall experience was beautiful, I connected with incredible people and artists, exchanged ideas, and maintained contact with some to this day. Following and learning from them continues to inspire my artistic journey.

M: A recurring theme I sense in your work is nature, be it through colors, flowers, or other elements. Is this intentional? If so, why the emphasis on nature? What other emotions or themes are you aiming to convey?

A: Nature has this perpetual presence in my work—whether it's flowers, animals, or experimenting with unconventional fabrics made from natural elements. The freedom that AI grants us is truly liberating. We can utilize materials that defy convention, placing our models in any setting without constraints. It's the essence of pure artistic freedom, where we can visualize anything our minds conceive, all without causing harm to people, animals, or the environment. It's a pixelated canvas where our creativity knows no bounds.

My aspiration is to maintain an open mind, allowing my art to flow naturally whenever inspiration strikes. This inspiration isn't confined to nature alone; it can stem from science, technology, futurism, space, and beyond. The possibilities are boundless, and I'm eager to explore and create from whatever elements resonate with me at any given moment.

M: Every artist has a driving purpose behind their creations. What's the ultimate goal or message you hope to convey through your art?

A: My art should be seen as a vessel for empowerment, urging others to pursue their dreams resiliently, irrespective of the hurdles that may come their way.

With my AI Fashion designs, a central theme revolves around raising awareness about our environment. It's a call for a conscious reduction in resource consumption and an exploration of alternatives to the traditional fashion industry's current practices.

In advocating for sustainability, digital clothing and on-demand production emerge as promising alternatives. This approach contributes to reducing waste and encourages a more thoughtful and strategic consumption of fashion items, steering away from impulsive and compulsive buying habits.

Moreover, I strive to influence choices when it comes to items like garments and bags. Opting for digital alternatives, especially when they emulate materials like fur or leather, provides a cruelty-free option. This shift encourages a mindful choice—opting for a digital item over a real one, sparing animals, and aligning with a more compassionate approach.

M: If you could collaborate with anyone to create a piece of art, who would that be?

A: If given the chance to collaborate, my dream partner would be Beeple, a revolutionary figure in digital art, who skillfully expresses the absurdities of our world through unique and imaginative portrayals. His art becomes a medium for educating and satirizing society's flaws, a powerful message conveyed with every pixel.

In the world of fashion, I would love to collaborate with Iris Van Herpen, whose innovative approach to fashion tech design aligns with my creative aspirations. Her distinct style, a fusion of art and technology, resonates with my own exploration of the realm of AI Fashion.

M: If you could travel to any era in history, when would it be?

A: Dreaming of time travel, I'd lean towards the future. The idea of a tech-savvy world that's eco-friendly and socially aware is pretty exciting. Yet, if I had to pick a historical era, I'd go back to simpler times, when we lived close to nature, without all the pollution, and life was just more straightforward. It's a quirky wish for a time when things were basic and uncomplicated. 😊🌍

We hope that this journey inside Alexa’s complex and boundless mind has provided you with a wider perspective and a greater appreciation for her unique art and the profound themes she explores. Alexa's journey is a beacon of transformation and innovation in the field of fashion, showcasing the limitless possibilities that emerge when human creativity meets the prowess of artificial intelligence.

Her exploration of sustainability, compassion, and the harmonic dance of nature and technology inspires us all to consider our choices and the environment we live in. We want you to go further, peel back the layers of her work, and find your own meanings and connections in the delicate dance between the tangible and the digital.

We are eternally thankful to Alexa for allowing us into her world and for sharing her thoughts, inspirations, and aspirations with us. It's been a journey of discovery and enlightenment, and we're looking forward to seeing what new boundaries she'll explore in her future masterpieces. Follow Alexa on social media ( Twitter - Instagram )  to stay up to date on her latest works and ideas. We are excited about seeing how her artistic narrative evolves and the impact it has on the worlds of art, fashion, and beyond.

We cherish having you along on this enlightening journey. We hope that the revelations and insights revealed have inspired you and given you a better knowledge of the minds behind the art that shapes our world.

Next week, Storied Strokes will reveal the thoughts and works of another outstanding artist. Follow us on social media ( Twitter - Lens ); we may drop a few hints, challenging the sharpest minds among you to guess who our next guest will be.

Storied Strokes' tapestry continues to grow, intertwined with the unique and impactful voices of creators like Alexa! These artists are tomorrow's visionary builders, their expressions weaving unseen realities.

The journey continues!

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