Nexus' Elements

Nexus' Elements

Within the depths of this page, a world of elements awaits, nestled within the heart of Nexus, accessible only to those who have mastered the art of tapping into The Prologue. Whether you're yet to uncover the secrets of The Prologue or are already well-versed, the path to enlightenment awaits your footsteps here.

The tale we unveil here is one of constant evolution. The elements revealed today are but the beginning, the foundational stones upon which our journey is built. Yet these elements are not static. They may soon be adorned with new enchantments, or new treasures may join their ranks, enhancing both your garment and the story it weaves.

So, without further preamble, let us delve into the enchanted realm and uncover the first whispers of the elements that await:


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Among the vital treasures awaiting discovery within the expanse of Nexus, none shine brighter than Dremis. Upon successfully tapping into The Prologue and entering its boundless universe, you'll encounter Dremis. Here, you have the opportunity to claim it without cost, marking your rightful place in our shared journey. Through this act, you unlock the full array of gifts that Dremis holds in store for you.


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Forging connections, uniting souls, and cultivating communities rooted in the values we cherish—love, kindness, and empathy—is our paramount goal with Miralis. It stands as another vital element within Nexus. With Miralis, you'll have the power to claim and share it, fostering new connections, fortifying existing ones, and gradually unlocking new realms through the bonds you forge over time.


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Nestled within Nexus lie a myriad of links, each holding its own unique allure. Some are open to all, offering pathways to our social platforms or website. Yet, there are others, shrouded in exclusivity, awaiting only your touch. Among them, one leads you down the path to book a personal 15-minute call with our founder, Eduard. Another beckons, promising the complete saga of Mirisity, its hidden depths reserved solely for your discovery.


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We're committed to keeping you informed and involved every step of the way on our brand's journey. That's why we've introduced this module, offering you the opportunity to dive deeper into our story. The choice to share your contact information is entirely yours, and you can opt out of receiving messages at any time. This isn't just another marketing campaign—it's a way for us to ensure that you, as the holder of Dremis and wearer of The Prologue, are the first to receive exclusive updates about our brand.

These elements mark the beginning of our journey within Nexus. Yet, as time unfolds, expect new additions or evolution in these very elements. We're proceeding deliberately, aiming to push the boundaries of what we offer.

Exciting times lie ahead. Visual and auditory content, co-creation within the garment, points systems, autographs, and a wealth of other features are on the horizon. Stay tuned as our adventure continues to unfold.

Remember, the true experience of all this awaits through The Prologue.

Thank you!

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