How To Tap & Claim

How To Tap & Claim

Most of our products represent not just a tangible piece, but rather creations that exist at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Each of our offerings has an embedded chip that serves as a bridge between these realms. Our decision to incorporate this simple yet powerful piece of technology stems from our desire to provide you with more than just a physical garment, accessory, or any other product. We aim to enrich your experience by blending the tangible and the digital, offering unique and exclusive benefits.

How To Tap

Tapping your product is easy. Both iOS and Android devices come equipped with NFC technology that makes this possible. Watch the videos below to learn how to tap your products and unlock the secrets within each of our offerings.

How To Tap - IOS

Insert video with iOS tapping process

How To Tap - Android

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If you have any questions related to the tapping process, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or directly through our contact form.

How to Claim/Distribute - The Prologue ( EXCLUSIVE )

If you own The Prologue, our first offering, you'll discover two main elements within: Dremis and Miralis.


Dremis is a free collectible that grants you exclusive benefits within our brand. You can read more about Dremis' Gifts on its dedicated sanctuary. Only the owner of The Prologue should claim Dremis and as only they could access these benefits. If someone else taps your garment and claims Dremis on your behalf, don't worry. You can recover it by tapping the garment and reclaiming it, transferring ownership back to you.


Miralis is another collectible that can be claimed and distributed for free. Unlike Dremis, Miralis can be claimed by any of the people you meet, helping you forge new connections.

Watch the videos below for step-by-step instructions on claiming Dremis and distributing Miralis.

How To Claim Dremis

Insert video with the claiming Dremis process, including wallet creation and how it works

How to Claim/Distribute Miralis

Insert video with the claiming/distributing Miralis process, detailing each step

If you have any questions related to claiming Dremis or distributing Miralis, please feel free to reach out to us on social media or directly through our contact form.

Thank you!

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